Susan Hiller par Ann Gallagher (editor)

Susan Hiller par Ann Gallagher (editor)

Titre de livre: Susan Hiller

Auteur: Ann Gallagher (editor)

ISBN: 1854378880

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Ann Gallagher (editor) avec Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller was born in the United States in 1940. Rather than attending art school she studied anthropology, moving to London in the early 1960s where she became an artist. Comprehensive and extensively illustrated, this book covers Hiller's career. It includes an introductory essay by Tate curator Ann Gallagher.

Ann Gallagher is head of collections (British Art) at Tate. Yves-Alain Bois is a professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, New Jersey. Guy Brett is a London-based art critic, curator, and lecturer on art. Jorg Heiser is coeditor of Frieze magazine. Alexandra Kokoli is a lecturer in critical and contextual studies at Gray's School of Art. Jan Verwoert is a freelance writer and art critic.