Arduino Ethernet Shield 2

Arduino Ethernet Shield 2

Titre de livre: Arduino Ethernet Shield 2

Date de sortie: September 15, 2015

ISBN: 3645653244

Éditeur: Arduino

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Arduino Ethernet Shield 2

The Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 Ã ¨ resulting Evolution dellapprezzato Ethernet Shield. In minutes you can connect your Arduino with endless limmensitã dellinternet. You simply insert the shield on your card and connect to your router via RJ45 cable. You can immediately, For Example, receive commands from the world wide web or public access to the data on your Micro SD card inserted. workflows pià ¹ complex are carried out in the background.The Ethernet Shield features the new W5500 module that has an internal buffer of 32â KB has and allows a speed of 10 or 100 Mb/S. à & # x2 C6; can be a simultaneous connection to a maximum of eight sockets. You can work with both the transmission control protocol (TCP) ludp (user Datagram Protocol). pià ¹ LED alert you constantly of important events, such as e.g. dellinvio or the reception of data or you the stable connection to the network. In this way à ¨ pià ¹ Easy to identify possible sources of error.Suitable for (card): Arduino, Arduino UNO â · Interfaces (components): Ethernet, RJ45 PLUG, ICSP, USB, Iâ² C, SPI, Micro SD slot, plug hole, loop pin strip â · development kit: Shield  · Memory card: 32 KB â · Further technical data: Speed of transmission: 10/100 Mbit â · Protocol: TCP/UDP â · Connection: rj45-buchse â · Slot for Micro SD cards: Sà ¬ â · Network Controller: WIZnet W5500 with 32 KB of internal buffer....